Database Subscriptions

MidSlav strives to work with vendors to the benefit of member libraries.  Since 1996 the consortium has facilitated a joint subscription to the database of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Bibliographies.  At present five institutions share  four seats or ports of access to the database, which is served up by OCLC through its First Search platform.  The subscription allows four simultaneous users among participating institutions.  Such shared access makes this database more affordable for member libraries.  Midslav has also begun to work with East View Information Services to help bring their Universal Database content the  to a wider audience at competitive prices.   Most recently Midslav has been working with East View to make the Pravda Digital Archive  affordable  for as many member libraries as possible.

Duplicate Book Exchange

The  duplicate book exchange is one way in which consortium members work collaboratively to build collections at our respective libraries.  Duplicate books and serials are offered and requested via e-mail and can  include recent publications as well as old and/or hard to find items, which cannot be supplied by vendors.   This exchange, although only a small portion of  collection development activities, enables members to fill gaps in both monographic and serial c0llections.


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